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1. Think Logically

This applies to every room in the house; all cupboards and drawers should be assigned logically.

For example, in your bedroom, whilst it might seem like an excellent idea to have all of your trousers neatly stacked in one drawer together, this might not make the most sense. Your smart trousers should be hung with blouses and shirts, while workout shorts and leggings, jeans and casual trousers should be folded separately.

The same applies to the kitchen. The cupboards should flow logically, and you will find yourself saving a surprising amount of time whilst cooking. Placing ingredients together that are commonly used can revolutionise your space.

2. Use A Turntable Inside Cupboards

Many associate the Lazy Susan with a Chinese restaurant, but they actually work as the perfect tool for organising your kitchen cupboards. 

A turntable is ideal for corner cupboards, allowing you to get full, easy access to everything it holds. No more climbing on your hands and knees to reach the item that has slipped to the back. Turntables mean nothing should be lost in the depths of the cupboard. This can be great for those that hold Tupperware, which is notoriously bad for getting lost and disjointed.

A Lazy Susan is also a great way to store your cleaning products. With your items easy to access, it makes the process of cleaning much simpler and more enjoyable.

3. Storage Baskets Are King

Storage baskets are the best way to ensure flawless shelves. Nobody can keep perfect displays constantly, especially those trying to run busy households.

This is why investing in some beautiful wicker baskets is ideal, as they can literally store anything.

• Store bath towels
• Store knits or sleepwear inside wardrobe shelves
• Store underwear

4. Drawer Dividers Are Essential

Whilst not exactly ground-breaking, dividers are essential for the organisation of every drawer. They can be purchased in any style you can imagine, from plain white plastic, to marble, to bamboo.

These dividers are perfect for every room in your home.

• In the kitchen, they can be used to separate utensils or spices.
• In the bathroom, they are great for your toiletries.
• In the bedroom, they are ideal for make-up and jewellery.

5. Decant and Label

Transferring your most used items into clear containers will not only give you that Pinterest perfect aesthetic many long for, but actually makes the kitchen much more usable.  Without the visual chaos of bottles of all different shapes, sizes, and colours, you can accurately assess your current stock levels. This method works great for items such as flour, pasta, and rice.  This is also an excellent option for an organised spice drawer. Whilst you might think it be tedious to decant and label spices; once you try you will never go back!

6. Rods and Hooks Inside Cupboards

Using hooks, tension rods, or even small towel bars inside your cupboards adds another storage element to otherwise unused space.

For your kitchen: Adding a rail inside a cupboard allows you to hang cleaning materials or towels whilst still utilising the space at the bottom for other items.

For your bedroom: Hooks can be a handy addition to your bedroom cupboards and can be used to hang trinkets and jewellery. This allows you to keep them safe, store them tidily and have immediate, tangle-free access. Using hooks makes you more aware of the items you own, making you more likely to declutter often.

7. Use Vertical Separators

Often, our large, deep kitchen cupboards are not used to the best of their potential. Pots and pans become stacked on top of one and another, quickly becoming chaotic. It means that you inadvertently will not use your cookware as often as you should, opting for those that are easily accessible instead.

Consider installing vertical separators inside those deep cupboards, which allow you to utilise the space in a completely new way. You can store chopping boards and baking trays vertically, allowing for easy access every time. As a bonus, it also looks fantastic.

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